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John Kaes has beeen designing, drafting and project managing for over 30 years.  Having been an architectural detailer/draftsman on large projects in Manhattan and then designing, project managing and supervising the installation and construction of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems for over 30 Broadway shows.  He has done design work on the machine that makes Swiffers and worked on projects around the world including England and the Dominican republic.


  • Motor Drive
  •  Aluminum structure
  •  pat. pending


  • Consultant Jauragua Hotel 20'X40' hydraulic elevator.
  • Design of computer interface of multi axis motion control system
  • Electronic packaging of transportable multi action motion control drives.
  • Reflected ceiling plans, architectural layout.
  • Design of hydraulic die press.
  • Project manager, machine equipment and track for Las Vegas casino.